I’ve been avoiding making this update for roughly a week in the slightest hope that our advertising companies would come through, but I can’t put it off any longer. I know we’ve asked for donations in the past to help make sure we stay online, and here I am today asking for the same thing. We need, in essence, 600$ in the next 10 days or ZI will possibly be going “poof” for a bit. So when I say donation drive for epic awesomeness, I mean keeping this lovely site online.

Of course, it does get tiring asking for donations once every 4 months, so lets offer some incentives, no? Anyone who donates 50$ or more gets temporary admin on our community forums for a week. No, it wont be full control (sorry, can’t just trust strangers!) but you will be able to see our private boards and participate in on going staff discussions for a week, and flash your shiny administrator badge around to all the members and pretend you’re awesome. Okay no need to pretend, if you donated enough for the title you are indeed awesome.

Admin not your cup of tea? Well whoever becomes our top donor through this particular drive not only will be helping immensely in supporting and keeping us online, but you’ll also get some money back later next year, as we provide you with a free copy of Skyward Sword!

Some may be asking: Why is your bill so high? It’s simple really: Music downloads. They’re not free… someone has to pay for them, and that someone is us. They were far more popular than I anticipated, so in addition to everything above, should we hit or exceed our donation mark, we will continue to provide soundtracks, the next one being The Wind Waker, which was due out yesterday but held for obvious reasons. So what are you waiting for folks? Donate, get epic staff access for a week, win a copy of Skyward Sword, and get more of the music you already know and love! This is what they call a win – win situation. Thanks for the help!

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