Diversity in gaming tends to be a hot-button issue, and one not too often talked about in the context of the Zelda series. We at Zelda Dungeon want to shine a light on the issues of representation, stereotyping, and intersectionality in our community. This will be an ongoing series in which we hope to, from time-to-time, engage in a variety of diversity conversations related to our beloved series.

In honor of Black History Month we will be focusing primarily on Black and racial issues in the month of February, topics of particular importance given how recent events continue to illuminate the systemic racism that many in the black community face.

“Diversity in Zelda” will highlight what the series does right when it comes to inclusivity, as well as what it does wrong. In addition to our broader conversations on these issues, we’ll spotlight relevant characters and speak with Zelda fans from marginalized communities. It is our desire for the installments of this series to be received with open minds, and civil discussions between readers are encouraged. 

We look forward to delving into these important topics with you. And happy Black History Month to all the Black Zelda fans out there!

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