It’s week two of discussing Tears of the Kingdom’s Regional Phenomena! We’re discussing the sludge in Zora’s Domain the the crazy sandstorms in the Gerudo Desert, so buckle up and get ready! We go over how incredible the Gibdo sequence in Gerudo Town is, our thoughts on Riju and her abilities, why the Zora portion fell a bit flat to us, the problem with Sidon and his abilities, what we think of Yona and her chemistry with the Zora Prince, why this game doesn’t mention Breath of the Wild’s Champions at all, and so much more!

This episode will contain spoilers for Regional Phenomena, so listen at your own risk! You can always come back later and check these episodes out once you’re caught up, so don’t rush! All this, PLUS our weekly progress update, a GIVEAWAY contest, and some Across the Spiderverse talk! Come hang out with us!



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