Where to begin? The interview itself is informative, but more important than that is the super long gameplay shown of the dungeon demo, which is now confirmed to be the games actual “first” dungeon. It would appear the puzzle door “may” be the entrance to the boss room, but at this point that is just a pure guess. Look at the functionality of the items! Multiple ways to deal with the different situations is exciting in that of itself. The Bow and Slingshot having different controls clearly makes a big difference, meaning they are both useful throughout the dungeon. It also helps the guy playing isn’t some sort of really bad Zelda player.

This is the best look we have period at in-game graphics and gameplay, thanks to the direct feed provided graciously by Gamespot. I have to say, things look absolutely fantastic. The more I see of it, the more I love this art direction and what Nintendo has done with it. There appear to be some new enemies already this early in the game, and the sword combat looks extremely fluid and the puzzles are all over the place. As the first dungeon, of course, it’s not that overly difficult, but we already see some enemies taking away multiple hearts in one swing – this is exciting news for those wanting the game to be harder.

I haven’t seen anyone actually deflect anything with a shield yet, and we don’t see it here either. It’s clear against the Stalfos that when he goes up for his big swing and leaves the opening to do damage, you should be timing a quick switch to the shield, or strafing/backflipping to avoid the big multi heart blow.

What do you guys think about the game’s first dungeon?

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