The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is one of the most hotly anticipated upcoming Wii U games, and with all the new information about the game, including a first-person mode, the new screenshots and footage, and the leaked special edition Wii U bundle, fans are more excited now than ever about The Wind Waker HD. But what if it just so happened that those who plan on purchasing the digital version of the game got to enjoy the fun two weeks early? Well, if a recent Club Nintendo finding is any indication, that might just be the case.

On Club Nintendo, players can earn coins by filling out a pre-purchase survey for video games. Above you can see a screenshot of the current offer. The Wonderful 101 offers surveys for both the digital and retail versions of the game, each ending on September 8, but the survey for The Wind Waker HD‘s digital version ends two weeks earlier than the physical version. Methinks Nintendo has another digital incentive up its sleeve.

Another point of interest is the expiration date of the surveys. While The Wonderful 101‘s survey ends the day the game is released, The Wind Waker HD‘s surveys end a month before we were expecting the game to release. Is there any chance the release date has silently been bumped up from October?

Source: Club Nintendo

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