It’s been over a year since Breath of the Wild was released, and we’re still learning new things about this grand, open-world adventure. For all the many, many hours we’ve spent exploring the far reaches of Hyrule, there’s always something new to discover over the horizon. For those wishing to put a dent in their Breath of the Wild knowledge, popular YouTube show Did You Know Gaming? recently discussed some of the secrets, factoids, and inspirations from the game and its development.

Did You Know Gaming? covers a wealth of information surrounding Breath of the Wild in this recent video. From facts about the game’s multi-year development cycle, to Easter Eggs within the final product, to various glitches exploited by the title’s fervent speedrunning community, this trivia video is perfect for any studious Zelda fan. Personally, I was surprised to learn that the various Sheikah designs in the game were inspired by the Jomon Period of Japanese history and the Sheikah monks were inspired by mummification practices of Buddhist monks.

What did you learn from the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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