Popular YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming? has been sharing a lot of Zelda love lately. In addition to a special one-off video investigating Link’s likeness to an elf, the channel recently released a full episode of its title show highlighting Ocarina of Time, as we quickly come up to the game’s 20-year anniversary. As many of us know, the classic Nintendo 64 title is full of hidden secrets and its development is the basis for many interesting stories. The DYKG? team explores many of these topics in their latest episode.

Did You Know Gaming? covers several aspects of Ocarina of Time in this recent episode. The video discusses the game’s early development, its relationship with Super Mario 64, and real-life influences to its gameplay and characters. Before watching the video, I had no idea that Ocarina of Time‘s Z-Targeting mechanic was inspired by a theme park live show or that Ganondorf’s appearance was directly inspired by a Hollywood actor.

There’s plenty to learn in this new video, so check it out and be sure to visit Did You Know Gaming? on YouTube for more trivia videos.

Did you learn anything new about Ocarina of Time? Let us know in the comments below.

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