Well another week has passed and we have a new round of winners for our Dungeon Gaming Forums Community Competitions. Unfortunately the Drawing Competition ran a bit late last week so we do not have a winner to announce this time around but we will be back again next week to show off the winning entry for the current Random Drawing Contest. In the meantime you can jump over to the current Random Drawing thread and place your vote on the winner for next week. But now onto the current winners.

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First up is the Graphics Competition hosted by Vanessa28. This week’s theme was Pokemon with Kybyrian winning out in the end.

Next up is the Writing Competition hosted by GaroXicon. The theme this time was Sidequests with an unusual victory. Both Heroine of Time and A_LINK_IN_TIME tied with equal votes.


Heart of a Hero

He was horrendous. A pale gray face and a pair of horrendously jagged horns framed his yellow eyes and fixed countenance. Sadness and frustration were seeded deep within those eyes, an ancient manifestation of the suffering he inflicted on others.

I pressed forward. The heart of a hero would not allow for faltering. He appeared unaware of my presence. Another step forward. Left foot, right foot. Left, right, left, right. Crossing the corridor became a mundane task, the demon would be exterminated soon and Skyloft redeemed. The floor creaked. Slowly but surely he turned around and there I was knees bent, arms extended with sword and shield prepared to parry. The demon let out a bellowing roar. Then the unexpected occurred. The fiend was completely taken aback as he retreated, pupils dilating.

“Stop! Please! I beg of you…don’t hurt me!”

He appeared to be different than I had anticipated. Perhaps an explanation was in order. Retracting my blade and sturdy buffer, my ears shifted attention towards the creature.

Shaking nervously he unraveled his tale. The girl, Kukiel, had been visiting him for quite some time. The only one, he maintained, to have not rendered a blood-curdling shout upon laying eyes on his frame. The joy kindled through this revelation meant the world to him and he sincerely wished for others to offer him a second chance. He stifled tears exclaiming that he appeared as an ogre on the exterior but it was the inside which mattered most. His was a heart of gold.

Then came the catch.

“It seems that when humans make other humans happy, the happy humans produce a substance known as a Gratitude Crystal. Laying my eyes on them and knowing there is kindness and compassion in the world would transform me into a human. I would very much like to be a human. Would you consider my offer to collect these Gratitude Crystals? I’ll furnish you a handsome reward”.

A true hero would never decline to help a denizen in distress. A nod was all I could produce. The last few hours had been a blur as everything was sure to be until Zelda was safe from harm. Leaving the beaming Batreaux behind it was time to get busy. Duty called.

Heroine of Time

Kwee, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

“Oh, it will be fine, Link!” the gray-haired human said cheerfully, gently pushing Oolo’s green-clad friend toward the door. “Now, I have a lot to do, with this new plant species and everything – I just can’t wait to study it!”

Oolo watched as his friend gave him one final, concerned glance, and then nodded once and left. The cowardly Kikwi gazed up at the unfamiliar human timidly. He wished that his friend stayed… He’d explain everything to Oolo. He thought he would find a new place to be safe, so he endured that robot’s not-so-gentle grip, and he didn’t comment when he’d been rudely deposited to the ground without any warning. Plus, Oolo didn’t like the pensive expression on this new human’s face.

Finally, the human spoke up. “This is great! I can’t wait to find out more about this new species. I wonder if there’s any more of you?”

After a moment, Oolo hesitantly asked, “What… what are you going to do with me, koo-leep?”

The human’s eyes grew wide, and Oolo wondered if he’d said the wrong thing. “You… you can speak! Incredible! Do you have a name? I’m Owlan. I have so many questions!”

Still struggling not to sound absolutely terrified (as he fully and utterly was), the Kikwi mumbled, “I’m Oolo… I don’t know why I’m here…”

A wide grin split the human’s face. “One of the academy’s students, Link, brought you here. I asked him if he knew of any unique plants. I’m sure he had no idea what a splendid creature you are, though!”

“I know that,” Oolo said impatiently, finding the courage to raise his squeaky voice. “I know that the elder’s human friend brought me here. I thought he was going to give me a nice place in the sky where I wouldn’t have to be afraid of monsters anymore, koro-koo.”

“Don’t worry, Oolo.” The Kikwi did not like the way the human said his name; in fact, he didn’t like the way the human spoke at all. He acted as though Oolo was a inferior creature, or a pet: condescending with a hint of affection. “You’ll be perfectly safe here. No monsters will ever hurt you – I mean, as long as you stay in this room. Don’t ever, ever leave this room, okay?”

“But… that’s not much better,” the Kikwi protested. “I wanted to be able to explore again… I don’t want to be trapped all the time…”

“There are scary creatures out there, Oolo,” the human said warningly. “And other humans might not be so accepting of you as I am. They just don’t understand how… special you are.” His voice became stern. “So don’t leave. Understood?”

“I…” The Kikwi looked at the human’s fierce expression fearfully. Finally, he gave in. “I-I understand…”

This definitely wasn’t a good idea!

The human smiled. “Good.” He took a step forward. “Now, let’s take a look, shall we…?”

And lastly we have our Music Competition hosted by Darknut_Hunter. The current theme this week was Isolation with Pl511 winning once again with his song titled Held at Gunpoint.

You can check out these and all the other great entries that were submitted for every contest on our forums. And if you wish to submit something for a chance to be seen here all you have to do is register on the forums and send them in. Just submit your work for each competition to the competition hosts before the deadline and you will have a cance to be featured. All pieces are voted on by members of the forum in a public poll so be sure to vote while you are there. And we will be back next week with the next round of winners.

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