DGE Community Competition Winners

Well we have wrapped up yet another week of the Official Dungeon Gaming Enterprises Community Competitions and we are here to show you the current winners for the latest round.

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First up is the Graphics Competition hosted by Vanessa28. This week’s theme was Smash Bros. Brawl with Chilfo Freeze gaining the most votes for her piece depicting Ike from Fire Emblem.

Next up is the Writing Competition hosted by GaroXicon. The theme this time was Power with A Link in Time winning this week.

From Hero To Zero

He knew only one thing: scorn. Since his earliest days those around him had rejected him as the stone unfit for building. And yet he had shown them who was boss! By displacing the tyranny of the majority he had become the cornerstone. Soon they would quail at his might.

His name was Ganondorf. They had banished him to the realm where neither dawn nor dusk existed in a time long ago. With suffering came wisdom and a new perspective through which to exact his revenge. Yes, the Gods…they would suffer for the misfortunes wrought upon the denizens of Hyrule.

He proceeded onto the veranda. The sprawling sea spread across the horizon. Why had allegedly benevolent deities flooded the land? Was this their idea of redemption? No. It was betrayal and couldn’t be thought of otherwise.

A strong gale blew past as the faithful bird perched upon the rail. It was his faithful falcon but a much larger and deadlier scout. The bird of prey had the girl in its talons. The Gerudo man faced away and let out a bellow. The guffaw reflected against the waves, rising in amplitude.

“You have done well, my pet, my servant, my disciple. The boy will no doubt charge in soon to rescue his sister. Then I shall have my prize-the Triforce of Courage. But who bears the third of wisdom? The Gods have well obscured the wielder of that artifact.”

Trotting along he returned to the balcony. Anger ignited beneath those eyes. What fools the Gods mistook him for. What fools! The bitterness swelled throughout his veins until his knuckle turned red from the pressure of squeezing. He’d just have to wait for the boy. Everything would fall in place after that.

The days had transpired into weeks into months. As he fell with one last disgruntled sigh, the Gerudo pondered over what gone wrong. Why had he lost?! How had the power of the Triforce eluded him?

It was that damned king-Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule. He would henceforth curse that name. All he had wanted to do was restore rightful balance in the world. But his intentions were misunderstood as they had been time and time again. He was seen as evil and needed to be purged in order for these children to enjoy a brighter future.

In this pensive moment, the former leader of the Gerudo, the sole man born for the century let his guard down. The blade pierced his forehead and he emitted a bloodcurdling scream. A mere boy had brought him to hell and back again, to the end of his wits, to the destruction of his dream. Why couldn’t they see? He wanted to help, not harm.

It was 3:00 pm on Friday when his soul departed for the realm of ethereality. A misconstrued being finally enjoyed his peace.

Then we have the latest Random Drawing Competition hosted by Random Person. The theme for this was the Zelda series with a sub theme of Back to School. Jo-Onis won this week with his pic depicting Link having a little bit of trouble learning speech from Tingle.

And lastly we have our Music Competition hosted by Darknut_Hunter. The current theme this week was The Dungeon with HEY! LISTEN! winning with her song featured below.

Click here to see her video

You can check out these and all the other great entries that were submitted for every contest on our forums. And if you wish to submit something for a chance to be seen here all you have to do is register on the forums and send them in. Just submit your work for each competition to the competition hosts before the deadline and you will have a cance to be featured. All pieces are voted on by members of the forum in a public poll so be sure to vote while you are there. And we will be back next week with the next round of winners.

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