Wii U Console

So we’ve already heard that Wii U will support 1080p resolution in gameplay, bringing it well into the HD era, but we hadn’t heard exactly how the Wii successor stacks up against fellow HD consoles PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of processing power. Now we’re hearing from analyst Arvind Bhatia that developers rate it at about 50% more muscle.

This means that not only could the Wii U easily handle anything built for the original HD twins, especially now that the primary controller is comparable in terms of button functionality, its capabilities now far surpass them. Could this mean we’ll be seeing some Wii U exclusives that take advantage of the more robust hardware? We haven’t really seen anything yet – aside from Killer Freaks from Outer Space Trailer – so here’s hoping there’s something in the works.

Source: IndustryGamers via GoNintendo

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