So after watching this and seeing Patcher explain the decline in Wii sales is party due to the lack of great software (seen here), I have to wonder if he is almost completely wrong. This summer we saw the release of Mario Galaxy 2, which is arguably the best platforming game of all time, and then we saw the release of Metroid: Other M. While Other M may not be critically acclaimed, it still is presently holding the number 2 spot for software sales, right behind Halo Reach. I also don’t understand how Halo Reach is more critically acclaimed… a multiplayer game that rehashes everything it’s predecessors did? Eh, like all things halo, same game with some tweaks. Honestly, who am I to complain? I play Zelda after all. I do find the Lego Wiimote to be pretty amazing though.

Source: Destructoid, GoNintendo

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