One thing most gamers should be able to agree upon is that flying enemies tend to be the most annoying and most difficult to deal with in video games. Perhaps this is due to the nature of the player usually bound by gravity whilst some random sprite can flutter around causing havoc without any care for physics. The popular site Destructoid has listed their top ten most annoying flying enemies, so hit the jump to see if any of what you had in mind made their list!

By now you’re probably already thinking of some bitter memories of these airborne foes, many of which likely exist in the land of Hyrule. Destructoid has included two enemies from the Legend of Zelda series, though if you haven’t played some of the older games you might not be familiar with them.

At number 7, the peahats that originally appeared in the very first Legend of Zelda. These enemies could only be attacked once their propellers stopped turning and they came to a stop. Though they appeared in other titles such as Ocarina of Time, they weren’t nearly as much of a bother. In both cases, however, I’m sure most gamers just learned to not waste their time on these annoying enemies.


The other Zelda enemy that made it to the list were mors from the infamous Zelda II. As Destructoid put it, these may not seem like much of a foe at first glance, though their irregular flying pattern and large numbers tend to lead to at least a few hits taken. If you’re down to the last pixels in your life bar when you encountered the mors, it was likely you’d be overwhelmed. A screen full of mors is not a welcome site if you’re looking to make it to the next town alive.


If you’re interested in seeing the rest of Destructoid’s list, head on over to their article here. Many of you are probably thinking Castlevania about now, hmm? And as always, if you have any other thought or if you could another gaming annoyance to add to the list, tell us in the comments below!

Source: Destructoid

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