Deku Tree Wallets

[news post contributed by Michael P.]

Deep within the Kokiri Forest is a kid with a lot of rupees. The best place too keep all of them would be within a nice leather wallet, handmade one by one with some very talented hands. The wallet has both the image of the Great Deku Tree and the symbol that was on the wooden shield from Ocarina of Time. After tooling each image by hand, the wallets are dyed to shade the images in. Get a great look at both sides of the wallets after the jump!

The wallet looks amazing, something I would be proud to hold my rupees in. Open the wallet up to reveal three slots for cards on each side. Beautiful black leather on the inside to contrast the antiqued brown on the outside. The wallets are not waterproof, but slightly water resistant. Anyone buying one should note that since they are made by hand, each one may not look exactly alike.

If you would like to pick one up visit the creator’s Etsy site here.

What do you think of the wallet? Do you think the correct images were chosen for it? What would you like to see on a wallet if you had the option? Are you going to be ordering one anytime soon? Make sure to leave your answers in the comments below!

Source: Etsy (tipped by Dannimeir)

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