Majora’s Mask fans remember having trouble getting that pesky Deku Palace theme music out of their head. Once they heard it, they found themselves humming it during every second of silence… taking out the trash, showering, walking down the sidewalk, etc. There was no escape until it faded away on its own. Well, now they can get a completely new version stuck in their heads, a really cool acoustic version.

YouTube user Isac Saleh has put together his own version of the theme with nothing more than an acoustic guitar. In total, the song clocks in at around one minute and 38 seconds. Those interested in playing his music can even download the tabs in the description of every video.

Saleh has been on YouTube making acoustic Zelda music for three years. The first song he uploaded was his version of the title theme from The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Saleh has uploaded a grand total of 87 songs from various Zelda titles. To see them all, click here. He can also be found on Twitter here. What song would you like to see Saleh play next?

Source: YouTube

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