I don’t know about anyone else, but the first transformation scene in Majora’s Mask, was very creepy. Initially, there was the Skull Kid, hovering in the air with his faerie friends, then the actual transformation, where Link gets swarmed by dozens (maybe more) of Deku Scrubs which, until then, had been pretty unassuming. Of course, being turned into a Deku Scrub does end up having its advantages later on, and being able to skip Link’s scream of agony certainly helps.

In any case, The Wolf of Bees Workshop has made a brilliant wooden replica of the Deku Mask. If you’re interested in the process, the page put up an album showing the mask at different stages of completion. It’s an impressive mask – the colors are rich and dark, just as you’d expect them to be, and the shape and texture appears to be spot on. If you like this mask, be sure to follow The Wolf of Bees Workshop on Facebook for more handmade masks and props.

What did you think of this replica? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo Source: The Wolf of Bees Workshop Facebook

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