We have been following the artwork of Deimos-Remus for the last couple months and his Legend of Zelda artwork project is now complete. Just the other day he finished his renditions of Link and Princess Zelda.

I’ve created a video slideshow showcasing each and every one of his pieces of artwork. This includes all of the enemies in the game, each of the bosses, as well as his artwork creations of Link and Princess Zelda. During the video, there are two audio tracks playing in the background. They are orchestrations for the Title Screen and the Ending Theme done by our friends over at Zelda Reorchestrated.

Be sure to head on over to Deimos-Remus’s deviantART account and become a watcher. While there are no plans of any future Zelda projects, he does have quite a few unique pieces out there. Who knows, maybe he’s got some goodies that you also like.

Thanks Deimos-Remus for creating such wonderful artwork and for allowing us to feature your material here at Zelda Dungeon. You are awesome!

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