Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

Deimos-Remus Artwork Update

Gleeok Fan ArtworkDeimos-Remus has been constantly updating his deviantART gallery, adding several more bosses from the original Legend of Zelda. The artwork you see to the right is his rendition of Gleeok. If you click the image, you can see a much larger version and can really tell the massive amount of detail that has gone into the image. It really is done very well and it is one of my favorite pieces that he has made thus far. He has now made artwork for five of the seven bosses in the game and you can view them below. You can also check out our image gallery for his entire collection of enemies from the original Legend of Zelda.


There are only two bosses left, Gohma and Ganon, so be sure to become a watcher of Deimos-Remus if you are a deviantART member. Just head to his profile and click +deviantWATCH near the top. Once the bosses are complete, Deimos-Remus plans on creating some artwork for both Link and Princess Zelda, so be sure to stay tuned to his deviantART account for the latest images.

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