Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

I figured it was worth showing some of the trailers for games we know are coming out for Wii U. This is for Darksiders 2, which is the only game so far confirmed to be a launch title for Wii U, per the developer’s own words at the Nintendo Press Conference. This trailer and game play is all from either the Xbox or PS3, but it gives you a general idea about the look and style of the game that will be on the future Nintendo console. The original was often compared to Zelda, and called the “Zelda game for older gamers”, so this franchise and game may be of particular interest to many of the Zelda fans out there looking for a gritter world and a much darker plot. I played the original and It was pretty solid, so I think it’s safe to assume this is going to be a pretty decent game. This time though, I’ll hold out for the Wii U version, even if it is 4 or 5 months later.

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