Often I get asked: What Happened to Zelda Informer? You were once a proud up and coming Zelda site and now you’ve turned into “The Hylia 2.0”, except the good version back when TSA still ran the joint. Sure, that’s not a terrible comparison (it’s rather flattering being compared to any of the great work TSA has achieved over the years), but we like to think of ourselves as one of a kind. I explore this issue further inside, along with a daily recap that is, what may be the last time until Skyward Sword hits, all about the franchise this site is so named after.

Today’s Posts:

What Makes a Zelda Game?: An article by Zelda Informer writer Dathen Boccabella that explores an issue that several previous articles have been leading up to: Just what exactly makes a Zelda game… a Zelda game.

Reggie Has Spoken, No Ocarina of Time 3DS Until After “E3”: Reggie Fils-Aime finally opens up on the 3DS game release schedule and talks about when we can expect to see many of our favorite franchises grace the system, of which included in the talk is Ocarina of Time 3DS, which he says wont be making an appearance until after E3.

Zelda Informer’s The Wind Waker Let’s Play Part 9: Zelda Informer staff member Jarvis takes us back into The Wind Waker with his part 9 of the ongoing Let’s Play on our YouTube Channel.

Around the Community:

Skyward Sword is the Turning Point in the Zelda Series: An article by Noah, owner and webmaster of LegendZelda.net, takes a look deeper into why Skyward Sword is a positive turn for the future of our most beloved franchise.

ZU Cast: Podcasting in the New Year!: This is the first podcast by our affiliate Zelda Universe of 2011, and it’s starting off the year just right. Some of you may recall that I use to be in charge of the Zelda news segment there before I was “honorably discharged”. Still, much love to the ZUBC crew and here’s hoping they have another grand year.

Featured Fan Art: Morpha: Zelda Dungeon finds a beauty of a fan work on deviant art and shares it with the world, featuring our favorite hero Link.

Knights of Hyrule Mailbag #015: This is a mailbag by local affiliate Zelda Eternity that answers questions such as “Will MM be remade for the 3DS?”.

Today’s Reflection: What’s This, We’re Still a Zelda Site?

Over the years Zelda Informer has made several drastic changes that have altered the face of this site, and we sort of feel like we have slowly helped usher in a new age of fan sites. Where many sites stick to the tried and true old fashion formulas, like Zelda Dungeon, we feel like we are always up for finding the next big thing fans are really look for. At times this may make it seem that we simply are no longer a Zelda fan site, and thus should remove ourselves from that title

Several people have gone on to say that we should just go ahead and rename the site to Nintendo Informer, and start redirecting everything to a new URL and change our theme up to represent a new era. Hey, don’t think that thought hasn’t crossed our minds as well. However, one thing remains true above all no matter what we do: We just can’t ever forget where we came from, or we lose sight of who we want to be. Zelda is where we came from, with glorious revolutions leading the way. We simply wont let that go. Ever.

Zelda holds a special place in this staff that wont allow us to just drop it. We love Zelda, you love Zelda, and we enjoy sharing our passion every day with each and every one of you out there. From our let’s plays to the walkthroughs we have coming along behind the scenes. From video features to news posts. Articles, Comics, and everything inbetween – nothing could ever replace what the Zelda franchise does for this site, and more importantly, what it does for each and every one of us.

Today was a relative anomaly, a day in which we only had Zelda related posts. This is rare for us, given that yes: We are essentially a Zelda themed Nintendo site. That is what we have evolved too and based on how the responses and traffic has been, people are really enjoying the fact we have all this extra coverage. Who says a Zelda site can’t clamor for The Last Story, or gush over the 3DS? We live in a world that has no limits, and while there are pre-established traditions with what a Zelda site and fan site is supposed to be, we try to live carefully outside the box.

I understand completely why some people may no longer view us as a Zelda fan site, and while I disagree, I mostly just hope it doesn’t deter you from visiting this site. We have a lot to offer that you simply wont find anywhere else, and we like to feel we give such a unique experience to most things we do that overall we are an entertaining part of your day, if not an interesting part. We will continue to provide you all the same Zelda love you’ve grown accustomed too, but we are expanding into new realms and new heights, heights which do inevitably take us further away from Zelda, with a few new things that keep us right at home (full blown textual walkthroughs, anyone?). We are the same site you’ve grown to love over the years, and we simply hope you enjoy the new directions we have chosen, and that we still provide the Zelda your all looking for.

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