Another day over, another debate to be had. Today was slow again in the news department, but that hasn’t stopped our staff from remaining hard at work. While I have nothing breaking to reveal to cap the day, we do have a new poll. The results of the previously poll were rather astounding, with 89% of people saying that the short battery life of the Nintendo 3DS is not going to effect whether or not you buy the system. It was also our most popular poll to date. It’s been a long while since we had a Zelda related poll, so I look forward to see your response to the latest one.

Today’s Posts:

A Lot of Footage for The Last Story: We were promised videos showcasing the game, and boy did we get them with 3 new videos showing off a ton of game play. I realize localizing this is quite the task, but I feel it would be well worth the effort.

Samus Aran Not Playable in Dead or Alive: This is the second time we have mentioned that the new 3DS title has a Metroid themed stage, but this time around we get final word that Samus Aran is not a playable character.

Why the 3DS Will Fail… or Not: Two sites team up to make some pretty outlandish statements about the 3DS and why it will fail, including such claims as the system isn’t being sold at a profit. Rather silly, as Nintendo has never sold a system at a loss… well unless the virtual boy counts.

IGN Tells Us What the 20 Weirdest Characters in Zelda Are: Zelda has a lot more weird character than you think. I don’t entirely agree with the listing, but it definitely gives some food for thought.

Today’s Reflection: Are you looking more forward to Skyward Sword or Ocarina of Time 3DS?

This is less of a reflection and more so of a question that seems to have an obvious answer. Naturally you would assume most people would look forward to a new game over a rerelease of an older game right? Well this may not be the case. Skyward Sword has not been well received thus far by the general western audience who have yet to experience it first hand, but we all know what we are going to get in Ocarina of Time 3DS. We’ve been there, it’s familiar, and now it looks better than ever.

My general stance is Skyward Sword is going to be the bigger Zelda story on the year and it is indeed what I am looking most forward too. I love the visuals, the controls look slick, and it being a Master Sword origin story really tickles my fancy. Also the fact the developers said this game takes place when it does so it can ignore all the other games set standards really gets my mind wondering what tricks they have up their sleeves.

Ocarina of Time 3DS is going to sell well just because it’s frickin’ Ocarina of Time with an official HD’ish face lift. We are truly lucky to get both titles this year, and assuming at least something new is done with Link’s Awakening that would make it a third, though it’s doubtful that LA does anything new. Still, a vc release for the 3DS, a rerelease with a face lift of one of the best Zelda games ever, and a new Console Zelda in the same year? Color me happy.

So what are you looking more forward too?

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