Welcome to our new daily thoughts and recap post. This is a new daily end of day feature that will cap out each day of news posting to summarize the days events, talk about whats going around the Zelda community, as well as cap it off with a sort of “train of thought” of that particular day. Being the first of what will be a daily feature, I decided it would be neat to show off my latest collectors item purchase in the above Twilight Princess Tin. Of course that is just the tip of the iceberg. Hop inside for a recap and further thoughts.

Today’s Posts:

Ocarina of Time 3DS Release Date: We have an unconfirmed release date of June 2nd for Ocarina of Time 3DS, according to advertising being handed out by GameStop employees.

A Screenshot Button: An article by Zelda Informer writer Dathen Boccabella that discusses the usefulness of a screenshot button included on consoles and controllers, and even delves into the possibility to record in-game footage in an easier fashion.

Around the Community:

Twilight Princess: The Characters: An article by Zelda Universe writer lord-of-shadow that takes a stance that Twilight Princess‘s Character driven stories are possibly the best in the entire series, next to Majora’s Mask.

Skyward Sword Tentative Release Date Changed to November 11th: This is a snippet of news we overlooked the last few days that really has little relevance overall. This is merely a changing of Gamestop’s guesstimate release date and is apparently not actually founded in anything official. They are just taking a stab in the dark that Skyward Sword wont be out till this holiday season. Credit to Zelda Eternity for this update.

Today’s Reflection: Why Is There So Much Wii Hate Lately?

This goes beyond Michael Pachter thinking the Wii 2 is going to tank, and it goes beyond the fact that 2010 was the worst sales year for the Wii, despite the fact it still outsold the other consoles overall. A lot of people are just really bagging on the Wii lately and I don’t get it.

The Wii isn’t the only console capable of the motion control aspect now so yes, it has lost it’s unique feature to the competition. Still, the reason the other consoles have motion controls is because of the new standard the Wii put in place. Sure, the Wii is reaching the end of the line in terms of sales: It surely will continue to sell less and 2012 seems like a great year for something new from Nintendo for the console realm. However, people are just really bashing on the Wii for software related reasons of late.

For starters: What is The Last Story doing on the wii? It would be so much better on the 360! Why is Nintendo the one getting Goldeneye and no one else? The Wii sucks, so why the hell is it getting good games. In fact, it seems to be that because the Wii is finally starting to get quality games that people are generally getting pissed off. I own both a 360 and a Wii, so I generally see both sides of the coin.

People get angry at developers supporting the Wii with games they wish they had on their consoles, and then blame the Wii for being why these games are not as good as they can be, and then come to the conclusion the Wii sucks. Despite the fact that both Mario Galaxy Games, two of the highest rated games of all time happen to be Wii Exclusives, the entire arguement that the Wii is a bad gaming machine is unfounded.

As Destructoid noted a week ago in a little rant, the Wii offers smaller developers the opportunity to create bigger games because it’s significantly cheaper to make games for the system since it’s not a graphics whore. That is why The Last Story is better as a Wii game, and why other titles like Monster Hunter Tri and Epic Mickey work well as exclusives since the budget spent on graphics aren’t nearly as much as they would be on the other consoles. This frees up money to spend in other areas.

The Wii has been hated on since inception because it lacks graphic capabilities, but now that it’s finally seeing support gamers are hating on it even more. Look folks it’s time to face facts: The Wii, and Nintendo, have dominated this generation of gaming. Wii games continue to make the top sales charts every year, and really gamers who only play the other consoles shouldn’t really be nagging on Wii owners because we get “The Last Story”. Hey, you have true Final Fantasy games, we don’t. So please, stop complaining when Wii owners finally get good products that aren’t just for “everyone” and not “from Nintendo themselves”. We’ve been waiting 4 to 5 years for these games to come, you’ll have a new Final Fantasy, God of War, etc next year. Hell, you’ll have 2 or 3 major new shooters released this year as well, where the Wii will just have 1. If you don’t like the Wii, don’t play it. Just don’t complain that we get games other gamers don’t that are actually good and say it’s a waste to be on our console, because frankly, we’re tired of hearing about your jealousy.

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