It's So Good to Be Back

Finally, The Rock Zelda Informer has come back to Monday Night Raw the internet! For all the millions, and millions, thousands, and thousands, of viewers around the world. It feels great to be back and able to provide you with all the latest Zelda and Nintendo news as well as our exclusive articles. As promised, the rest of this weekend, and maybe even into the week, we will be having an article marathon to make up for our down time, so stay tuned. Already we’ve had “Back to Basics” with Skyward Sword – The Game World and Australia’s Influence on Zelda, with plenty more to come. And if you haven’t already, you must check out this super-awesome, best Zelda fanart ever. More ramblings about Skyward Sword and Zelda’s 25th Anniversary below.

On the topic of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary, I feel that overall this momentous occasions has been overlooked. It hasn’t received the attention that it should of – especially from Nintendo. Last year Mario got ‘Super Mario All-Stars Limited Edition’ to celebrate its silver anniversary. There were advertisements and the works. Zelda just gets some posts at Zelda fansites, and a piece of fan art (not to downplay or discredit its awesomeness). I understand that Mario is Nintendo’s poster boy, but what about Link and Zelda? Couldn’t they have had a Wii release of spiced up versions of some of the virtual console games. The original Legend of Zelda, Adventure of Link and A Link to the Past. It could have come with soundtrack CDs and collectors books – like Mario did, but it isn’t to be so.

But perhaps this is a good thing. Maybe it means they’re focusing all of their attention on Skyward Sword. Yet again, 2010 managed to have both this Anniversary Edition as well as the new Mario Galaxy 2, so when it comes down to it, I think Nintendo just didn’t want to. Many say the Mario Anniversary Edition was grossly overpriced and overhyped, so maybe Nintendo learned from that and didn’t do a Zelda version, but I wish they had – even if it left me out of pocket. If Mario deserves it, then Zelda does. It at least deserves something Nintendo!

Now, as for Skyward Sword, I am making a little prediction that it will be out in September 2011. Note, a personal prediction, not some Zordiana confirmed rumors-round two. At E3 2010 we were left believing that Skyward Sword would be out in early 2011, but things have changed. We have been told that Ocarina of Time 3DS will come first, and that’s not coming until after E3. With E3 in June, Ocarina will be around July-August, with me thinking Skyward Sword may come September – a month no Zelda title has been released in the US to date. Hopefully Skyward Sword isn’t kept on hold until the holiday period this December. The game will definitely be ready by September, and it will have had two stints at E3, like Twilight Princess, by then. I don’t want Nintendo to rush, but I don’t want them to needlessly delay either. Hopefully GDC will have something in store for us.

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