So another day has gone by and things are starting to really heat up for us Nintendo fans. From the potential of 3DS Mario being worked on to new footage of Skyward Sword, there is a bright future ahead of us in 2011. However before we speculate and ponder too much on what is to come down the road, let us sit back and enjoy what is hitting us this weekend: Pokemon Black and White. In what is now the 2nd best selling game franchise of all time, we are set to enter it’s 5th generation of games which brings with it an entirely new dimension of gameplay on a handheld system.

I started playing Pokemon back when the first games came out on the Gameboy. With many virtual battles, as well as TCG battles (including a golden ticket invite to the world championships back in 2002), I am one of those old time Pokemon fans that eventually just outgrew the series. Well, I don’t really look at in that light, but to onlookers that is the general idea of what you see when I explain you my Pokemon career.

Fact remains I still enjoy Pokemon, but what bothered me most about the serious is how quickly the number of Pokemon has expanded. Over the years the game and how it plays has stayed exactly the same, with the main difference being new Pokemon. It was just a turn off to me, especially now that the only way to “catch em all” is to go to all the special limited time only events at game stores, stores that may not even be anywhere near where you live. This isn’t a problem for me personally, but it just felt bothersome to me. I was with Pokemon all the way through 151, and after that I lost interest. The character designs just became less interesting to me and the naming choices seemed to get worse and worse as they added more. It lost my taste for it.

I still enjoy going back and playing the card game, and Pokemon Coliseum still gets me giddy like a school girl whenever I plug Pokemon Red into it. I tried getting back into the swing of Pokemon when we started up our official league on the forums (btw, a new league is forming for Black and White!) with a purchase of Pokemon SoulSilver, but I got quickly bored with it. Not sure why I grew out of the series while Zelda has never felt old to me, but it is what it is.

Pokemon was a big part of my childhood and there are times I miss those bliss filled days. With a 5th generation coming out that steps into a new dimension (sort of) and promises of some of the biggest changes to Pokemon to date, it sure to make someone else’s childhood just as bliss filled as mine was. While it still entices several gamers all over the world, I’m not sure I could get back into the series with Black and White. Should the feeling arise maybe I’ll give them a try, but for now I’ll let the rest of the world enjoy what hits this weekend.

In celebration of their release, and in recognition of just how big the pokemon community is, we’ll be celebrating Black and White’s release all weekend with tons of Pokemon related news, posts, and articles. It’s the only way we know to show our appreciation for the series, so we hope you enjoy our Poke’ filled weekend!

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