I’ve been playing as lot of Mass Effect lately. One of the coolest things about Mass Effect is that every decision that you make matters. Decide one thing, and it could have long term consequences. Same goes with character interactions. You can choose how you want to respond or treat your fellow crew members, and in some cases, can choose to talk to them in a romantic manor, which can lead to you entering a romantic relationship with that character.

It got me thinking of how it might work in The Legend of Zelda. A game like Ocarina of Time would have had plenty of romance options for Link – the farm girl Malon, his friend Saria, the thief Nabooru, or even the princess herself (and who’s to say it would just have to be girls!). A romance system would have given it some cool reply value to see each one play out.

Link is able to reply to people’s questions in his own way, so it’s not completely unrealistic to imagine it. In fact, Skyward Sword had a “romance” of sorts where Link led that poor item storage girl on (scoundrel!) before setting his sights back on Zelda.

So what do you guys think? Would this he something you’d wanna see in future Zelda games? Who would have been your romance pick in the previous games? Let us know in the comments below!

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