Between fan-created videos, April Fool’s jokes, and an actual cartoon series back in ’89, the Zelda series has been an oft-talked about topic when it comes to media adaptations. Some of these ideas have been well executed while others leave much to be desired. Many fans have expressed a desire to see the Zelda universe translated to the big screen in either a TV or motion picture format, yet Nintendo has been noticeably silent on the subject.

Speculation abounds as to why this is, but journalists and fans alike have several solid theories on why and what would make a good adaptation. For one, the difficulty of getting the characters right is a huge concern amongst the fan base if Nintendo were to adapt an already told story from one of the games. Presumably, this concern is also shared by Nintendo as the meme-worthy flop that was The Legend of Zelda cartoon series in 1989 demonstrated. Another is about what format such a thing should take. Not to be discouraged, several dedicated creators have done some remarkable work in showing what a good adaptation could look like such as these two videos.

Mileage of course may vary, which is one of the fun things about the dilemma. So I now pose the question to you, ZD-I fans! What would you think the best format for a Zelda adaptation would be? A live-action TV show, an anime series, a live-action movie, a CGI movie? Let us know in the comments below!

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