Whether we are talking about our main characters like Link or Zelda, or smaller characters such as Malon or Revali, The Legend of Zelda series has a huge range of names featured at one point or another.

For some people, these names can have such a personal meaning they want to use it in an extra special way. These people choose to use one of these names for their own children. The most known of them is Robin Williams, for naming his daughter Zelda. But don’t be mistaken in thinking you have to be famous to do something like this, there are thousands of children out there named after video game characters.

The question is, would you name your child after a Zelda character? Tell us below if you would, and what name you would use. As for me, in case this next baby is a girl, I’m trying to get hubby to agree to Aryll as the perfect middle name.

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