It’s Inspired By Zelda Week here at Zelda Dungeon, and if you haven’t gotten a chance to check out some of the pieces about other Zelda-like games, head over and do so now! One piece stuck with me, and that was an excellent editorial about The Binding of Isaac. One line struck me in particular: “It’s like someone hit The Legend of Zelda upside the head with a Bible and a sense of adorable morbidity.”

This got me thinking about the theme of religion in The Legend of Zelda. We have a loosely defined religion based on the Goddess Hylia and her three divine Golden Goddesses, but what do we really have other than that? Or even the Yiga Clan, who are devouts of Calamity Ganon, aren’t really given any more depth. It got me interested to see what a deeper dive into the religious themes would look like.

Of course, Zelda isn’t a M for Mature series, so maybe the loose connotations suit it just fine. Or are you of the mind that there could be a lot of cool stories that might develop from a closer look into Hylia and her believers. Let us know in the comments below!

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