Ever since the Super Mario Bros. Movie disaster of the early 90’s, Nintendo has always been fairly protective of their intellectual properties. Rarely did you ever see a big Nintendo franchise see a release that wasn’t developed by a trusted, in house development team. As the years wore on, however, and Nintendo started losing a bit of it’s market share, the Big N loosened it’s grip a little and allowed other developers to take a shot at developing their franchises.

In years past, we’ve had Sega develop an F-Zero game; Team Ninja take a crack at Metroid; and, perhaps most famously just due to the sheer shock of Nintendo letting another team touch one of their biggest series, Capcom getting to develop several games for The Legend of Zelda. Capcom hit their opportunity out of the park too; The Oracle games are excellent, and Capcom was responsible for arguably the most criminally underrated game in the series, The Minish Cap.

Not only that, but in recent years, Nintendo has trusted 3rd party developers with porting over the classic Nintendo 64 Zelda games to the 3DS (by a team named Grezzo, who was behind the recently released and critically acclaimed Ever Oasis). So the question is this: would you like to see different teams get a shot at putting their own spin on the Zelda series? Or should it just be the Big N making these games? Let us know in the comments below!

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