I remember as a kid seeing Deku Link for the first time in a game manual, a sad and strange mutation of our hero that I was desperate to know more about. When I started playing Majora’s Mask, I loved toddling about Clock Town, spinning through grass and leaping in and out of flowers as I awaited the eventual apocalypse. It was a refreshing twist to play as Link outside his human form, despite the circumstances.

Additionally being able to play as both a Goron and a Zora was also a great twist in the formula, opening up new paths and mechanics in a more adaptable way beyond items and tools, as it affected how characters would treat you. Link then shifts from rider to steed in Twilight Princess as a wolf, swapping swordplay for savagery. Link’s ability to change form is a rare experience that often adds unique dynamics to a title, it’s also always fun to see a character we know so well reimagined in an obscure or exciting way.

So, is this a feature you’d like to see again in an upcoming title? What kind of form would you like to see Link in? Or should we leave his shapeshifting in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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