Ahh the Tingle Tuner. For those fortunate enough to have a Gameboy Advance Link Cable, players of the original Wind Waker could make use of a special item that allowed another player to join in on the action as green-clad fairy fancier Tingle. Using the Gameboy Advance’s screen, players could scope out the map of the player, a glowing green icon moving across the 3D world of the main game, looking for hints, bestowing unique powers onto Link and even playing island specific minigames together. It was a tad clunky to set up, but back in the day playing together like this was a real innovation.

But should a similar form of co-op ever return in a main series title? With Splatoon 2’s companion mobile phone app, could anyone join in on Link’s quest through a similar app no matter the distance? With the exclusion of the Tingle Tuner in the HD Remake of Wind Waker, despite the Wii U GamePad being perfect for the role, is there room for this style of gameplay in the Zelda series? What kind of features would you like to see in a Zelda companion app? Let us know in the comments below!

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