Beyond all the other ways Breath of the Wild evolved the Zelda formula, the latest game in the series took a bold step by adding voice acting. Limited to special cutscenes and action sequences, the voice over of Breath of the Wild has been the focus of scrutiny both before and after release. So, as we’ve now had plenty of time with Zelda series’ first official foray in voice acting, would you have changed or improved anything about how it was executed?

Some fans may feel that certain voice actors were not the proper choice for the role they were given; and others may have directed particular actors to deliver their lines differently. In my opinion, more dialogue should have been given to certain characters over the course of the game. For example, I quite enjoyed the voice acting for Daruk, but I only remember a few short scenes in which I could hear him speak. I would have liked a few more scenes featuring Daruk and his gravely tones.

There are plenty of tweaks one could make to voice work of Breath of the Wild. To cut the voice acting altogether might even be a valid answer. Where do you stand? Would you have made any changes to the game’s VO? Share your answers in the comments!

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