If the split timeline after Ocarina of Time is to be believed, then no hero ever went to Termina in either the Downfall or Adult Eras. The events of Majora’s Mask would have played out unopposed, and The Moon would crash into Termina. Such a catastrophic impact certainly would have destroyed the surface of the world, and it would have caused such a colossal amount of debris in the sky that an ice age would set in. My question to you today is: Would Hyrule have also suffered any damage from Termina’s destruction? We know that the two worlds are connected by a magic corridor that exists somewhere in the vast Kokiri Forest. Could shock waves have traveled through the tunnel and devastated a localized area in Hyrule?

Based on Link’s age in the game, we can surmise that Majora’s Mask takes place less than a year after Ocarina of Time. This means that the Moon would have fallen during Link’s seven year slumber in the Sacred Realm. If an ice age had set in over the ruins of Termina, could this weather have traveled through the forest rift and caused nearby Zora’s Domain to freeze?

While this idea is only a theory, Majora’s Moon could have damaged Hyrule in other ways too. What do you think? Is The Moon a threat to Hyrule, or do you think the barrier between worlds would have stopped the shockwaves from coming through?

Featured Artwork: Majora’s Moon by Vincentbisschop

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