The year of Zelda‘s 35th anniversary is finally upon us and many fans are already looking for ways to celebrate. While fans of classic films and novels may not see 35th anniversaries as significant, video games are in an entirely different timeline. The video game industry is incredibly young compared to books and film, so thirty five years is quite an impressive anniversary for a video game series.

With this in mind, will Nintendo release a Zelda-themed title on Nintendo Switch Online to celebrate the anniversary? For the 35th anniversary of Mario, Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. 35, an enjoyable title that remixed elements of the original game and let 35 players compete for dominance. Super Mario Bros. 35 was a great way to celebrate classic Mario and a great bonus for those who pay for Nintendo Switch Online.

If Nintendo did a Zelda-themed Nintendo Switch Online title, what would it play like? Would it be a “Zelda 35″, where players would move through the dungeons of the original Zelda game, sending enemies to other players as they slay them? Would it be a game that incorporated cooperation like Four Sword Adventures or Tri Force Heroes? Personally, I would love if Nintendo brought back the BS Zelda games from their Satellaview add-on for Super Famicom (SNES in Japan). These games required the use of a satellite download service (Satellaview) which was only available in Japan at certain times. Because the service has been defunct for years, the two BS Zelda games are not available outside of fan emulation. BS Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets was built on the same engine as Link To The Past but it featured a new storyline, dungeons, and side-quests. It would be really exciting for Nintendo to reward Zelda fans with these impossible to get titles similarly to the way they reward Star Fox 2 fans by including it on the SNES Classic.

Overall, do you think there will be Zelda themed title on Nintendo Switch Online to celebrate the 35th anniversary? If so, what do you think it will be or what do you want from it? Let us know in the comments below!

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