Breath of the Wild introduced three majestic dragons into the world of Hyrule; Dinraal, Naydra and Farosh. Named for the Golden Goddesses, they traversed the skies and were associated with the Springs of Power, Wisdom and Courage. The three dragons played a part in their individual shrine quests, and had items that were used to upgrade Link’s Champion’s Tunic, but other than that they didn’t play a huge role. Will this change in Breath of the Wild 2 though?

The dragons didn’t seem out of place in Breath of the Wild, but I felt that they could play a much larger part in the game than creatures that you farm materials from. They were powerful entities and obvious representations of the Golden Goddesses, so why have them there if they weren’t important? Hylia played an important part in Breath of the Wild through the Goddess Statues, so why were the Golden Goddesses represented in a magnificent yet less important fashion?

Breath of the Wild contained a lot of throwbacks and Easter eggs in the game, and the dragons were one of them. But I would love to see the dragons be more integrated into the story somehow. Even if it’s just through learning the history of Hyrule as you play the game. I would especially love the dragons to be a new part of Zelda lore though. Maybe Breath of the Wild 2 will make that happen.

What do you think? Should the dragons play a larger part in Breath of the Wild 2? Sound off in the comments below!

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