There have been so many different Zelda games, and each game’s dungeon had a very unique boss pertaining to it. The final boss in the Dungeon could either make or break it, and they all had standards that needed to be met.

They needed to be creative, fit with the dungeon they were placed in, and have a specific weapon that was used to beat them.

Some of the bosses had personality and were a big part of the game, such as Ganondorf, Majora, Vaati and Ghirahim, just to name a few.

Some villain’s were very memorable and easily became favourites, while other’s failed miserably, depending on the player’s view point. The most memorable usually had a motive behind them, although there were also many regular bosses such as King Dodongo that many fan’s love.

But who’s the best villain in the Legend of Zelda series? Is it Majora? King Dodongo? Or perhaps even Stallord from Twilight Princess?

Who do you think it is? Let us know in the comments below!

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