Zelda Dungeon Marathon 2019:

As well as we know how the match-up between Link and Ganon turns out (unless you happen to be in THAT part of the timeline), it’s rare for us to take a step back and create alternative battle scenarios between the three wielders of the Triforce. And while a fight between Zelda and Ganon would be make more sense (and will likely be brought up soon), for today’s Daily Debate, we ponder the outcome of a skirmish involving the Hero and Heroine of the series: Link and Zelda, respectively.

Other than the fight between Link and Puppet Zelda in Twilight Princess, which is hard to consider a legitimate fight anyway, a test of wills between these two characters has not been pursued, leaving a very open-ended question. While we’ve seen countless examples of Link’s prowess in battle, Zelda is unlike any foe he has faced, not to mention the fact that we do not truly know her abilties – canon abilities, that is.

Some might argue that the Super Smash Bros. series provides a great way to decide this, but this isn’t quite the true fight we’re looking at. An easy counter to settling the score this way is the fact that Link is missing a great deal of his abilities and weapons (fighting in a purely 2D plane doesn’t help much either). Additionally, Zelda’s abilities are rather artificially established in Smash, functioning largely on her magical abilities.

While my question revolves around a one-on-one fight, similar in format to a boss fight in the series, that’s certainly not the only way to evaluate this scenario. What of a test of wits? Link has definitely proven his ability to push boxes around and shoot a multitude of switches, but I’m hard-pressed to believe that Zelda couldn’t make it through those same trials, and with greater ease. After all, what’s the point of gifting her with the Triforce of Wisdom if it doesn’t really enhance her abilities?

Perhaps pitting these two against each other in a true battle would be too much for a main series entry, but we can hope. Until then, who would you choose as your champion: the wise, future queen of Hyrule, or the warrior of unbreakable will? Join the Daily Debate!

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