The time has come, folks. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has arrived. Arguably the most widely anticipated Nintendo Switch title since the console’s launch, this latest entry in the beloved fighting franchise is poised to live up to its name. From the array of stages, to the library of classic gaming tunes, to the seemingly robust adventure mode, to the dizzying number of playable fighters, this is looking to be the one Smash to rule them all.

Speaking of playable fighters — and with about 75 to choose from at launch — who do you plan on honing your skills with the most? Personally, it’s a tossup between two representatives from my two favorite Nintendo franchises. Link has been a Smash staple for me since Melee, while Lucina has made almost just as much of an impression in one game. Although I’ll be playing as those two the most often, I’m definitely eager to step into many other fighters’ shoes — Ganondorf, King K. Rool, and Fox immediately come to mind.

What about you? Should we ever duke it out online, who should I expect to see you fight as? Let us know in the comments below!

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