Royalty is an important component of the Zelda games, and for many installments, the titular character, Princess Zelda, was the primary princess in the games. As the series has progressed, the games have introduced princesses from differing realms or worlds, shaping the political landscape and offering some additional insight into how other realms are ruled.

While all of the princesses share a mutual desire to protect their people, their loyalty and the measures they take to do so are all different, making them interesting and compelling to follow. From Hilda obsessed with taking the Triforce from Hyrule by any means necessary in order to save Lorule in A Link Between Worlds, Princess Zelda masquerading as Sheik for seven long years to protect the Triforce of Wisdom in Ocarina of Time, and Mipha accepting her role as the Zora Champion to fight against Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild, the princesses have always done what it takes to protect their people.

My pick for the best princess is the self-proclaimed bug princess, Agitha the Twilight Princess herself, Midna. Midna has the spunk and attitude of Princess Ruto while still being a strong, powerful leader who is sympathetic and dedicated to her people without being blinded by power or desperation. After being transported to the realm of light, Midna undergoes major character development throughout Twilight Princess, starting out as a selfish individual who uses anyone to get what she wants. After a near-death experience and Princess Zelda’s sacrifice, Midna changes and recognizes the value of both the light and dark realms. She even sacrifices her well-being at one point to save them.

Midna has the grace of royalty while having the resolve to make the right decision. While it was heart-breaking when she shattered the Mirror of Twilight that connected their realms, it was a decision that I respected.

What do you think? Who handles their duties as princess the best in the Zelda games? Let us know in the comments!

Feature art by bellhenge

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