After replaying Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons, I began to consider who the best overt antagonist might be in the Oracle games. Veran and General Onyx both have fantastic costumes varying on Gerudo symbolism linked to Ganon. General Onyx resembles an Iron Knuckle clad in protective armour, complete with ball and chain; and Veran has a more sorceress vibe wearing a dress with flowing material. Both are dedicated to Ganon and willing to do anything to serve their master and bring about his return.

Out of the two, I would probably go with Veran. She has the power to possess others and make them do their budding. This shows a character with a complete lack of respect for personal boundaries! Veran has a more interesting backstory and is able to travel back in time to cause trouble for poor Link. Her final forms have a lot more variety than Onyx, although I’m not a big fan of spiders. Overall, I think she comes across more as a devious villain than the General does.

So, do you agree that Veran is the best overt antagonist? Maybe you prefer General Onyx and feel he is underestimated? Whatever your thoughts, let us know in the comments below!

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