Music is an integral part of the story and characters in the Zelda universe, and the series’ gorgeous music has been recorded and remembered since its inception. With the continued success of the Symphony of the Goddesses concerts and the continually excellent soundtracks created by the prolific Koji Kondo and other composers, who do you want to see guest compose in the Zelda series?

My vote goes to the Falcom Sound Team. Who are they, you ask? The Falcom Sound Team’s musical library is huge, spanning across thirty years of music for various video game series. An underrated team of excellent composers and musicians, their music is most notable in the Trails series. The Falcom Sound Team’s strengths lie in more jovial, calm tracks, but their battle themes are also quite good and dramatic. In particular, Trails of Cold Steel includes a beautiful track called “The Land of Blue Skies,” a track that plays as the player explores an expansive, open field that is unlike any other location in the game. An ambient and beautiful track, this song captures the open wonderment and exploration of this area, and it reminds me of the music in Zelda. I think their style of music, particularly town themes and more upbeat tracks, would mesh really nicely in an installment of the Zelda franchise. Honestly, this group of composers deserves more love, and if they could guest compose the series, that would be amazing. What do you think, which composer would you pick? Let us know in the comments!

Michaela El-Ters is an Original Content Editor at Zelda Informer. For more of music appreciation posts, check out her blog.


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