Be it with cosplay, musical arrangements, fan art or fiction, there are so many ways to show love to your favorite game series.  I am a firm believer in the power of community to keep a universe alive, and it’s hard to argue that there is any more powerful driving force for Zelda than the fans, old and new.  Together, people from around the world and across decades have worked to create this whole other collection of ideas, interpretations, and theories all based off one game series.

And that amount of dedication is just amazing.

So, I say we show some love to our favorites.  Those people who have particularly stood out to us, given us something new to think about in Zelda, and brought new light to a game series we love so much.  Those who contributed their creativity and minds, and came up with something spectacular.  For me, I am a huge fan of cosplay, and seeing someone bring Zelda characters from the screen to the real world in such intricate detail has always amazed me.  Because of this love of bringing characters to life, I want to send out mad props to my favorite Zelda cosplayer,–the one who brought my beloved princess to life all those years ago–HikikoMuri (formerly Akuriko).  I will never forget the day I first saw her photos and realized that Princess Zelda could be real.

So, who’s your favorite, and what have they contributed to the Zelda universe?  Let us know in the comments below, so we may all appreciate them!


Featured Image: Guardian of the Triforce by HikikoMuri.  Photography by totallytoastyari.

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