Over the years, Ganon has threatened Hyrule in many forms, from hog, to marionette to living steam train. But it’s not just old man Dragmire that’s threatened the balance of dark and light over the years. As we know, there’s a whole catalogue of strange, monstrous and oddly flamboyant villains that haunt the pages of Hyrule’s history, but who would you like to see make a comeback?

From the moon-wielding, malevolent Majora, to the lilac long locks of wind mage Vaati, each antagonist brought their own unique flavour to their respective games. Be their quest a pursuit of power like insane Usurper King Zant or the resurrection of a master, like fabulous demon harlequin Ghirahim or the voluptuous Veran of Oracle of Ages, together they build a cast of memorable and distinctive adversaries, some of whom really deserve another shot at conquest.

So which foe deserves development? Do you want to see some new faces among the horde of evil or are you content battling the Gerudo King himself? Were you one of the rare few delighted to see Yuga playable in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know in the comments!

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