The Legend of Zelda series has hit all of Nintendo’s platforms, giving it a wide variety of stylistic changes throughout the course of its lifetime. This has given Nintendo lots of time to experiment with different “depths” or dimensions, including the 2D era of the 8 and 16-bit. This would then hit systems like the NES and the Game Boy Color.

It would then transition into the 3D era of the Nintendo 64 and the most recent Switch. Before their newest console though, Nintendo traveled to the 2.5D realm with Link Between Worlds on the 3DS. There have also been many fan-based projects to bring some of their most beloved Zelda games into either the 2 or 3D realms.

This includes a 2D “demake” of Ocarina of Timeand a 3D rendition of Link’s Awakening, both of which have sadly been canceled. What I am interested in is which Zelda game would actually get the most life out of a revamp/demake?

After thinking long enough about it, I think that it would in fact be either Phantom Hourglass or Spirit Tracks that would most benefit from a 2D demake. Both of these Nintendo DS titles are already a little wonky and give me an Oracle of Seasons/Ages vibe. They also always felt like they never quite made it into the 3D realm for me. Sure, some of the mechanics like sailing or conducting would need to change, but I think it would honestly improve the overall player experience.

Don’t just listen to me though! Tell me your own thoughts in the comments. Which games would work better if they were flipped? Which ones would you like to see?

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