Here at Zelda Dungeon, we know the community can get creative with ways to show appreciation for our favorite franchise.  Whether it’s collecting Zelda merchandise, cosplaying, or simply playing the games, you each express your love for the series in your own way.  Personally, I do a little bit of all those aforementioned activities, but there’s one more thing I’d like to add to my list, and that’s to get a Zelda-themed tattoo!

I’ve seen some really cool tattoos that pay homage to The Legend of Zelda.  I’ve seen the Spiritual Stones from Ocarina of Time in stunning detail, and the Hylian Crest spread across a person’s shoulders in all its glory.  My friend even has an amazing depiction of Link from Majora’s Mask on her thigh which I totally love!  If I had to choose a tattoo for myself though, I’d like to get the Triforce on the back of my neck.  I think I’d have the whole thing inked in, as though I’ve collected all parts — Power, Wisdom, and Courage.

I know there are so many more awesome ideas for tattoos out there.  Whether you’d prefer to ink your favorite character, symbol, script, or something else just as fantastic and creative, let us know which Zelda-themed tattoo you’d choose in the comments below!


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