The Legend of Zelda has always been filled with quirky characters for Link to interact with. These Non-Player Characters (NPCs) offer Link hints, side quest opportunities, and sometimes offering baffling tidbits or jokes (I’m looking at you Error). Some of these NPCs are shallow and just there to keep the player interested, but others have rich backstories that pull the player into the world of Zelda.

I find many of these characters interesting and love to learn more about them, like ??? in Majora’s Mask. There are also some I could see myself being friends with in real life, Fledge in Skyward Sword. There are many I would like to have the traits and skills of, such as the Hero’s Shade in Twilight Princess.

There aren’t many, however, that I would actually want to be. There is a difference between loving a character and wanting to be a character. For instance, I love Wolverine from the X-Men series but I would hate living his life. If I could pick any character to be in The Legend of Zelda series it would undeniably be Kass from Breath of the Wild.

He is a fantastic musician, something I strive for while I was going for my Bachelor’s in Music. Kass also loves to travel to thrilling and mysterious places, something else I love. He has an astronomical knowledge of colloquial myths and musical history, both interesting subjects. Above all though, Kass has the ability to fly! If I had a genie I would use all three wishes to be able to soar through the open skies.

So which character from the Zelda series would you want to slip into the skin of? Let us know in the comments!

Matt Pederberg is an Original Content editor at Zelda Dungeon. He lives in a nasty, dirty, wet hole in the ground and doesn’t understand how social media works, so he doesn’t use it. Though one day he dreams of having a YouTube channel… A man can dream.

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