Zelda is widely renowned for its horde of creative, cinematic and engaging boss fights. From a duel with a golden, corrupted, clockwork Buddha statue hellbent on your demise, to the almost Lovecraftian, bongo playing hell-beast that lurks deep in the catacombs of Hyrule. Each of these stands as a conquest to remember.

Then there are mini-bosses which span from promoted Lizalfos, to creatures I feel worthy of far more than mere Boss Key guard or item guardian. I’d like to see Twilight Princess’ Death Sword from Arbiter’s Grounds promoted, even giving it some lore. Who sealed it there? Why?

A whole dungeon themed around the possessed glaive with a much more toothsome showdown could be great to see. Majora’s Mask’s Wart or Gomess I feel deserve more loftier fights. Imagine an underworld dungeon where the Reaper himself resides. What puzzles would it have? Would you use light arrows, or something else to quell his bats?

It’s awesome to have these mini-bosses to whet our appetite before the final showdown, but do you wish any played more prominent roles in the series? Are you happy with where they are? Which mini-bosses are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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