Since the Ocarina of Time manga’s debut in 2000, artist duo Akira Himekawa has, in one form or another, adapted most of Link’s subsequent adventures. Almost each iteration is only loosely based on its respective source material, however, but the basic story is the same, but the duo definitely takes its fair share of liberties with the finer details.

Based on what I’ve read, many characters, including the legendary hero himself, often have more characterization than their video game counterparts. These manga might not follow the games to a T, but that’s kind of the appeal of adaptations in general. If nothing else, it’s refreshing to see another artists’ take on the Zelda mythos.

Although the Twilight Princess manga began releasing in Japan around this time last year, its first volume is set to release in the United States on March 14. Three other volumes are currently planned for this adaptation, but it’s still worth asking: what other entries in the series would you like to see Akira Himekawa tackle? Hyrule Historia included a one-shot prequel to Skyward Sword, but there’s still no proper game-to-page re-telling. Would you like to see them draw Ghirhaim in all of his fabulous glory?

Looking through the stories the duo has retold, the one whose absence sticks out to me is Wind Waker. Twilight Princess is my all-time favorite video game and the title that I was most excited to see turned into a manga, so that dream’s already coming true. That said,¬†Wind Waker’s anime-inspired aesthetic alone¬†arguably lends itself to an adaptation better than any other Zelda game.

What about you, though? Once Link and Midna’s tale has been told, which entry would you like to see Akira Himekawa take on? Let us know in the comments below!