With such a stellar pedigree, the Zelda series has long since earned the benefit of the doubt from many gamers. That said, if our annual Best Zelda Ever list is any indication, then we each have distinct tastes. Certain entries just speak to us more strongly than others. Of course, that becomes evident only after we’ve actually played the game ourselves. You know what they say about  judging a book by its cover — even if the game’s initial reveal isn’t as enticing as those of other Zelda games, a lot can change by the time we see the credits roll.

Having followed the marketing cycle of virtually every entry since Twilight Princess, I can’t think of many games I was just flat-out not excited to play prior to release. In fact, Tri Force Heroes is the only one that comes to mind, as it immediately became apparent that this was primarily designed as a multiplayer game. Ultimately, my concerns were warranted, and the game proved to simply not be for me.

Skyward Sword,  on the other hand, came a long way following its proper unveiling at E3 2010. It was certainly still among my most anticipated video games at the time, but that demonstration left me with my fair share of concerns. The motion controls didn’t exactly appear to be the most responsive, and the art style felt like a step down from what I’d come to  adore from the previous mainline adventure. As more information, screenshots, and videos surfaced throughout the next year and a half, though, my fears steadily began to quell. The swordplay looked  more fun, and the overall aesthetic grew on me. By the time I completed the game myself, I was enchanted. Even with some of the imperfections that persist into Skyward Sword HD, it remains among my top five favorite entries.

What about you? Compared to the first time you saw the game in action, which Zelda title ended up winning you over the most? Are you among the Wind Waker enthusiasts who were initially disappointed by its art style? Is Breath of the Wild your favorite game, despite being worried about its shakeup of series traditions? In any case, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!



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