The Legend of Zelda series is blessed with amazing instrumental scores, but (with the exception of some Hylian garbeldy gook) there are no vocal tracks. Of course it makes sense as nearly every game in the series utilized only text for communication. So now comes the question: Which Zelda game lends itself best to becoming a musical?

I think Twilight Princess would naturally work very well as it already has a lot of thematic material and uses lots of leitmotifs (recurring music when specific characters or places are on screen). This way there wouldn’t actually need to be a whole lot more music written to make it into a musical. On the other hand, though I love Twilight Princess very much, I’m not sure it’s story is the best to be adapted to a musical. In terms of just wanting a Zelda game being a musical, I would think of Ocarina of Time being most successful. It has a memorable story, characters, and multiple specific themes linked with multiple characters. I would also love to see someone dress up as Ganon at the end! Especially as an epic opera.

So what do you think? Which game would you like to see as a musical? What are some lyrics you would like included? Which songs would fit best? And what style? Let us know below!


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