From the straightforward and simplistic dungeons of The Legend of Zelda NES to the unique interactive dungeons of Breath of the Wild, players often look forward to tackling the trials and braving the depths of the many dungeons the Legend of Zelda series has to offer, and most have a specific game that has dungeons that they especially like. While the dungeons in each game are unique, there are ones that share names, bosses, or items. Our opinion of a dungeon can be affected by the dungeon’s atmosphere, music, item, enemies, puzzles, boss, and other little factors that we encounter while playing through it. These dungeon opinions can then in turn affect our entire view of any specific game, forcing us to weigh all of the dungeons as a collective group and to take both the good and bad of each one. At the end of the day, an experienced player will probably be able to recognize which Zelda game has their favorite dungeons.

With that in mind, which game in the series has your favorite dungeons? Do you prefer one of the classics, like the group of dungeons from Ocarina of Time? Or are you in favor of some of the dungeons a more recent game, such as those from Skyward Sword? Let us know what game has your favorite dungeons in the series in the comments below!

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